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Release Notes: November 2022 - Climate TRACE

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Release Notes: November 2022

Nov 09, 2022

By Climate TRACE


When Climate TRACE unveiled our inaugural dataset to the world last year, it included sector- and country-level emissions totals for the years 2015–2020. This year’s Q4 2022 release represents a major upgrade, encompassing recent data (2021), updated emissions totals (thanks to ever-improving methodologies and expanding data sources), more detail (such as the ability to filter by greenhouse gas and global warming potential), and most notably, asset-level data for more than 70,000 of the highest-emitting sources around the world.

Here’s a summary of what this 2022 release includes:

COUNTRIES: 252 countries and jurisdictions globally (vs. 239 as of 2021 release)

SECTORS: 10 major sectors of the global economy

SUBSECTORS: 48 subsectors (+10 new subsectors vs. 38 subsectors in the 2021 release), including fluorinated gases, fossil fuel operations, waste, cropland fires, domestic and international aviation, coal mining, oil and gas refining, plus new net emissions for forestry, grasslands, and wetlands

ASSETS: added new ability to view emissions from more than 70,000 facilities and other specific sources (plus more than 7 million available for download from the fuller Climate TRACE dataset)

GREENHOUSE GASES (GHGs): new ability to view the data by carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxides (N2O), and carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e-20 and CO2e-100) [vs. all data reported in CO2e in the 2021 release]

GLOBAL WARMING POTENTIALS (GWPs): updated to GWPs from AR6 (vs. GWPs from AR5 in the 2021 release) and added the new ability to toggle between 20- and 100-year GWPs

INTERFACE: in addition to sector- and country-level annual totals from the 2021 release, added new features to view individual assets and to compare assets’ emissions to each other

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