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About Climate TRACE

Our Vision

Our Vision

We make meaningful climate action faster and easier by mobilizing the global tech community to track greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with unprecedented detail and speed and provide this data freely to the public.

Our Approach

How Climate TRACE Works

How Climate TRACE Works

Most human economic activities release greenhouse gases into the Earth's atmosphere. We use satellites and other remote sensing technologies to spot these emissions activities

Five chimneys emitting smog

Latest Projects

Data In Action

Data In Action

The States and Regions Remote Sensing Project (STARRS) illustrates the value of collaboration in generating independent greenhouse gas emissions data.

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Views from Above: SOHSHU MARU (LNG tanker), The Bahamas
The SOHSHU MARU LNG tanker (source: Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.)
Jun 06, 2024

Views from Above: SOHSHU MARU (LNG tanker), The Bahamas

Built in 2019, SOHSHU MARU is an LNG tanker flagged to The Bahamas. Prominent Japanese companies Jera and MOL — which specialize in power generation and transportation/shipping, respectively — currently own the ship in a joint venture.

Conversations With the Coalition: Deborah Gordon
Head shot of RMI's Deborah Gordon with an oil refinery in the background.
May 30, 2024

Conversations With the Coalition: Deborah Gordon

We recently sat down with Debbie Gordon, Senior Principal, Climate Intelligence at RMI, where she manages the team working on oil and gas solutions with a focus on mitigating methane.

Inside the Post-Pandemic Power Sector’s Emissions Ups and Downs
powerplant emissions
Apr 25, 2024

Inside the Post-Pandemic Power Sector’s Emissions Ups and Downs

WattTime - Coalition member WattTime dug deeper into G20 countries’ power sector emissions trends for electricity generation — all cataloged in the detailed Climate TRACE data — and found three interesting trends 1) countries whose emissions climbed straight through the pandemic and have continued rising, 2) countries whose emissions fell but didn’t rebound, and which have continued falling, and 3) countries whose electricity emissions underwent sharp booms and busts.


Independent Greenhouse gas Emissions Tracking

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